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Beyond Physical Therapy treatment… We have a 94% success rate, and are in the top 10% in the Country

Whether you’re an active senior, weekend warrior, busy professional or athlete (either current, former or recreational), we can design a Physical Therapy treatment to suit your needs, abilities and lifestyle.

Our methods are proven — and 94% of our patients are better thanks to the Physical Therapy treatment they receive with Elite Physical Therapy!

Here are some of our testimonials

When I first came here, I thought I would never be able to use my left arm or move my neck due to the pain. My Physical Therapist was so patient, knowledgeable and caring that in just 6 weeks I was able to actually move my entire body better than I have in many years. She taught me exercises to do at home for the rest of my life to keep my muscles limber.

This has been a truly rewarding experience thanks to my Physical Therapist and Elite Physical Therapy. I will miss coming here immensely but I know I leave with knowledge about keeping myself ‘in shape’ to enjoy the rest of my life. — C.H.

I originally sprained my ankle in football and then playing basketball with my friends. I tore two ligaments and partially tore a third. After surgery, I was in a cast for a month and as a result, once the cast was removed, my ankle was extremely weak and loose. Six weeks of Physical Therapy helped to strengthen my ankle and I am now back to the basketball court with my friends. Thank you! — R.D.

In January I experienced profound back pain. Not one to take medication for pain, I sought help through Physical Therapy. Three weeks later it got worse and Mary Helen, my Physical Therapist, was very good about listening to me. She worked me up from the basics until I was strong enough to do more challenging programs in my treatment. I was out of work for 2½ weeks but now I am back full time. My quality of life is better than it was in the beginning and I am on the road to continued healing and strength. I’m taking what Mary Helen has taught me and working the program on my own. I know Elite will be here if I need them for anything. Thank you for helping me during this difficult time. — C.D.

I came to Elite because I was hit by a car and needed some therapy to help with the neck and back pain. When I first arrived I had a hard time doing simple things without pain. Sitting, walking, and standing for any amount of time ended with pain. Within a few weeks of Physical Therapy, my pain dulled and I was able to return to my normal routine of life — walking, driving, and sitting PAIN FREE. — Z.D.

I had a cervical disk fusion because a degenerated disc was causing pain and weakness in my arm. After surgery, in addition to rehabbing my arms and hands (grip strength), I also had pain and tightness in the center of my back and neck pain. By the end of therapy, my neck pain was gone, my back was loose and pain-free and my right arm and hand had regained their strength. I am very pleased with the results. — M.O.

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had constant shooting pain down my left leg and muscle cramps in my right leg. My Physical Therapist developed a plan for home and their gym that has me feeling better than I have for the past 6–7 years. The stretches and exercises have resulted in greater flexibility, taking pressure off the nerves in my spine. The ENTIRE staff is friendly and appear to REALLY enjoy working here. I would direct anyone needing Physical Therapy to Elite Physical Therapy. — W.M.

After a serious arm injury and two surgeries, I found Elite Physical Therapy to be the perfect place to regain mobility and independence while becoming pain-free. — L.V.

I’ve spent too many years in ignorance, neglecting injuries and pretending everything’s alright. Fracturing my foot did not seem or sound like a terrible injury and my inclination was to take it easy for a bit and ignore it.
I’m glad I listened to my teammates and sought out treatment with Jason Harvey. His expertise is outstanding and his advice got me back on track and healthy in time for playoffs. I can’t say enough for his level of professionalism and that of Elite Physical Therapy. — A.L.

I came here with low back and shoulder pain, and Mr. Brian started to find out how this pain came on. When I first walked into the building, I got a great impression from Miss Shelly, who greeted me in the waiting room. The way that she received me, handled all of my paperwork and then followed up was outstanding. After I worked with Shelly on my paperwork, Mr. Brian used all of his knowledge on me to identify the source of my pain. He used many different techniques of massage and exercise. I also received a home plan with many great tips. After only 8 visits, I am very pleased with what Elite has done for me and I am ready to play basketball and work out again. Try Elite Physical Therapy — you will NEVER forget them! — A.V.

I came in about 5 weeks ago with a left knee MCL sprain. Today, I am stronger than ever and 100% back playing. As a 3-sport athlete in high school, I was thrilled to be back so quickly. Mike pushed me to my potential and the staff was friendly, supportive and understanding. I actually enjoyed coming here for Physical Therapy. I got a great workout every time and I would recommend Elite PT to anyone with injury or pain. Thank you, Elite Physical Therapy, for getting me back so quickly and effectively. — C.F.

Before starting Physical Therapy, I had back pain hourly while attempting to do my job. Now that I have finished my Physical Therapy, I can do my job with little or no pain. THANK YOU, ELITE Physical Therapy! — A.R.

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