Beyond Physical Therapy treatment… We have a 95% success rate, and are in the top 10% in the Country

Whether you’re an active senior, weekend warrior, busy professional or athlete (either current, former or recreational), we can design a Physical Therapy treatment to suit your needs, abilities and lifestyle. Our methods are proven — and 95% of our patients are better thanks to the Physical Therapy treatment they receive with Elite Physical Therapy!

Here Are Some Of Our Great Success Stories!

I love my visits to Elite Physical Therapy. I actually look forward to them! The girls in the office make myself and others feel so welcome and at home. The Elite Physical Therapists are like family, they are so friendly even if they were not my personal Physical Therapist. My Elite Physical Therapist was kind, patient and always working to get me to my healthiest. I recommend Elite Physical therapy to everybody I come in contact with. I will come back to Elite Physical Therapy, thank you to everybody! — D.B.

WOW.. Where do I begin? It seems so surreal to be at the finish line after walking into Elite Physical Therapy with a neck and lumbar brace. After working with my Elite Physical Therapist I feel absolutely 100% back to normal. My muscles were so weak and my body was in such bad shape. My Elite Physical Therapist never stopped pushing me, a gentle push, to reach my goals. I feel stronger than ever and I am so grateful. With injuries to the vertebrae, nerve damage in my hand and so many other things going on I never thought I’d be writing this. Recovery is possible!! Do the work and just keep pushing until you get to the finish line! — S.A.

Elite Physical Therapy has really helped me on my road to recovery of my neck and shoulder injury. From my set-backs to my improvements my Elite Physical Therapist was patient with my progress. Today I feel 100%! Since the very first visit I had at Elite Physical Therapy, I am truly grateful that they helped me through every step of the way. Thank you Elite Physical Therapy! — N.H.

I am finishing up with my Elite Physical Therapist for treatment after a severe concussion. I have been treated by Elite Physical Therapy three times before, pre and post hip replacement, so when I needed to return I knew exactly where to go! What I needed post-concussion was to rebuild my confidence and strength in order to return to the gym. I knew that Elite would help me with this and I have regained my strength and determination. My Elite Physical Therapist was supportive and caring. He listened to my concerns and answered my numerous questions. I always appreciated the fact that he took the needed time to explain the exercises and point out where I would feel the effects. Thank you Elite Physical Therapy! — K.L.

It’s almost been a year from my 1st visit with my Elite Physical Therapist. I got into a head on collision with my husband on our way to work a year ago yesterday. Due to this I broke my humorous and had a concussion due to hitting my head on the side window. Lots of memory loss, I’d even say months of not remembering my visits at Elite. What I do know is I could not move my left arm at all and my Elite Physical Therapist and other staff members at Elite made a miracle happen. Over time and hard work, pushing through the pain, frozen shoulder, ext., I have motion and I am able to pick up my daughter. If my Elite Physical Therapist didn’t push me to do the exercises at home and PT, I don’t know what I’d be doing. She got me back to work lifting the amount of pounds I never thought I would do again. They even had me walk around with the biggest weights to mimic my work routine. So much FUN! The cupping and dry needling very much helped. The most important thing though is having my life back. Waking up. Being able to pick my daughter out of her crib. Playing with her every day and being the mom I can be. Words are indescribable I want to thank the staff at Elite Physical Therapy for everything I have overcome. — K.M.C.

After working with my Elite Physical Therapist, I can confidently say that my condition has improved. Every staff member I encountered at Elite Physical Therapy was highly professional, courteous, kind, patient and proficient in their specialized abilities. Elite Physical Therapy has consistently exemplified outstanding work and they truly deserve the name “Elite Physical Therapy.” I will come again in the future if I ever need more Physical Therapy. — D.S.

When I first came to Elite Physical Therapy, I just began to walk with a knee brace following surgery on my ACL, meniscus and MCL. It was hard getting around campus at my new school, Providence College. Since going to Elite Physical Therapy, I am almost fully recovered and back to playing the game of basketball that I love. My Elite Physical Therapist did a fantastic job at assessing my injury and pushing me to get better and be stronger than I was. I thank the entire Elite team for all the work they have done for me and am so grateful for how well I have recovered. I recommend Elite Physical Therapy to anyone with a serious injury like mine! — J.M.

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