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My Year at Elite Physical Therapy

Posted on May 31, 2019 by

“Three days ago I observed my one-year anniversary as a patient of Elite Physical Therapy in Lincoln, RI.  My experience there has been trans-formative for me.

In April and May a year ago (in 2018), I was sinking quickly into neuropathic pain with growing weakness in my legs and feet.  My leg muscles were atrophying, and I was having increasing difficulty walking and climbing stairs.  I was seventy years old and still happily working full-time at my job, but my rapidly increasing debility was making it hard for me to keep up with my responsibilities at work and at home.  I asked my Primary Care Physician to refer me to Elite Physical Therapy, which I knew was a quality facility with high standards. He immediately agreed.

I met my Elite Physical Therapist, on May 10, 2018.  By then I was using a wheelchair, walker, and cane to get around, and I was continuing to go downhill physically. I had no way to know, and no one could predict, whether my debility was permanent or progressive, or something I could fight my way out of.  A neurologist gave me the best advice: get yourself as fit as you can and see what happens. That gave me hope and brought me to Elite.

Now, one year later, I could not be happier with my experience at Elite Physical Therapy.  My recovery has been, in my own view (and in the view of many who see me daily), spectacular.  Today I walk without aid and without pain, and I have hope that I can look forward to resuming my favorite pass-time, mountain hiking.

While my work in Physical Therapy is deemed no longer “medically necessary,” I remain a daily participant in Elite’s affordable “Aftercare Program” because I still have weaknesses that I want to work on.  I am happy to still be making progress and to know I can still ask all my friends among the Elite Physical Therapy staff for help and advice.  That’s the other thing that’s important to mention:  Elite is a friendly and encouraging place. From the front office to everyone on the floor, a relaxed and supportive culture prevails at Elite and helps me look forward to my daily visits there.” -N.W.


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