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“I’m All In” Success Story

Posted on September 27, 2018 by

(Left to Right) Doree Blanco DPT, Patient Gerri and Jamie Mey DPT


“It’s graduation day and I’ve been asked to tell you my story of how my life has been affected by Elite Physical Therapy and their staff. It still seems like a dream to me. “This is a true story from which movies are made from!” I am living proof. This neglected old body has suffered through more than its fair share of trauma. I’d had multiple knee surgeries and joint replacements. My body is full of arthritis. I was obese and also suffered from chronic back issues. I was receiving spinal injections, providing only temporary relief.  I was miserable. I refused my so-called “last chance” to be pain-free. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way than having a spinal cord stimulator imbedded in my back. It was not an option for me.

I was losing muscle tone in my legs. I was weak deconditioned and falling about twice a week. I was now relying on a cane for support. I knew I had to strengthen my body. Control was slipping away from me. I wondered if it was possible to reverse the damage. I had to take charge of my body.

Someone I love very much showed me a pamphlet from Elite. At first I said, “No more PT!” Then I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. The doctor told me that with exercise, a diet change and lots of water I could reverse some of the damage. Elite now became my answer for help, possibly the solution to my prayers.

I decided to put my faith in Elite Physical Therapy. I knew I had to be committed to the program even before I started. I called and made the appointment. At that time the receptionist explained I had to park in the parking garage, under the building. I could just walk up the hill or she could come down to pick me up in the elevator. The day I arrived was May 29th. I got out of my car and said today is the day! No elevator for me! I started at the hill and winced. With cane in hand, I started my hike up the hill. I arrived at the front door out of breath and already exhausted and more than slightly perspiring.

Catie, the receptionist opened the door for me and welcomed me in. Before she could introduce me to my therapist, this petite young woman entered from another room with a warm beautiful smile. She introduced herself as Jamie Mey. As she began to interview, I could see a confident, calm, assertive and very organized therapist. I could see her already formulating a plan for me. She explained how Elite worked towards a success rate. I was impressed with theirs. Then before anything else she wanted to hear about my goals for the future. She listened and she listened. I wanted to walk again unassisted. I wanted to move on to a greater well-being. Simply put, I want to live with less pain. She very honestly said you’ll always have some pain. I want to teach you how you can learn to help yourself, to lessen your pain. Tears came to my eyes. She heard me! She said you okay? I said yes ma’am and she said let’s get to work. I was all-in! From the minute she put her hands on my back it was magical. She touched on every painful point that had been haunting my body for years. Miss Jamie Mey was the doctor in the house! She was the boss. My exercise was gentle but effective. If I was asked to do 30 bridges, I would do 40. If she said give me 25 squats, I would do 50! I worked it, 3 days a week land and 2 days in the pool. My balance was improving and I was walking so much better. I was gaining strength not only in my legs but my whole body. I was losing weight. I lost the cane too!

Reality has a way of hitting you in the face, that’s if you’re lucky. My Nephrologist was so pleased with my kidneys he said, I’ll have to keep the kidney diet and exercise program. Things are so much better now. It just goes to show you that with hard work anything is possible. Don’t stop moving…walk, run, swim and exercise. Don’t be afraid to walk up the hill! If I can do it, you can do it. Just take one step at a time. That hill can lead you to success. The team at Elite is Exceptional! It’s a short journey to a healthier you. They are waiting to help you…help yourself!

A quote to remember: “Age wrinkles your body…Quitting wrinkles your soul.”

Thank you Lisa, Jamie Mey, Christina II and Dory for your guidance and dedication to all the Wounded Warriors who put their GLUTES in your hands! God bless, I love you lots.

P.S The rewards are endless…but this priceless. Upon learning of my 41 and a half pound weight loss, my 18 year old grandson, with tears in his eyes said, “Nana, you look the best ever!” I’ll take that to the bank with tears in my eyes. It was my best moment. I am so proud of me! I AM ALL IN!”


– G. L





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