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“Elite Physical Therapy is the only Physical Therapy Facility which truly is the best in Rhode Island”

Posted on December 19, 2018 by

“On December 10, 2015, with my “new” surgeon, Dr. Richard Limbird, who is phenomenal, informed me that my previous hip replacement needed to be revised.  The robotics from previous hip replacement surgeries did not work but now the prosthetic device slipped and the physical pain became the worse I have ever experienced in my entire life. This was one of the lowest points in my entire life. On February 6, 2016, I had a total left hip replacement/revision. The next day in my hospital bed, I thanked my surgeon for saving my life. My left hip finally is healed and I feel that this surgical revision which had to be done, felt better from day one unlike my “robotic” surgery which I kept waiting for that day when I would have optimum results that never occurred. Needless to say, I had to start from square one and I found myself starting once again with Elite Physical Therapy.

There are many professionals to thank and I don’t want to leave out anyone’s name. I will say that as I have graduated from Elite and continue with their prescribed treatment on my own attempts, Jason Harvey is the hero in my life who I am eternally grateful. When Jason was at a workshop, conference, consulting, or being his brilliant self, I had other physical therapists and assistants helping me and encouraging me. Again, I don’t want to leave out any names and I am so blessed with everyone who helped me. Jason, being the one in charge, needs to be recognized for helping me from when I hit “bottom” and gave me my life back. Without him and my “new” surgeon Dr. Limbird, I would not be healed. I still had another hip to be replaced in the near future.  As far as I am concerned, Elite Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy facility which truly is the best in RI, far superior to any other physical therapy facility anywhere. I am eternally grateful.

On January 9, 2017, I had my last hip replacement done by Dr. Limbird, my hero. I followed up with physical therapy with Elite and at this point with multiple sessions, I felt that I should be on the payroll or be vested for a pension. Literally years went by and it’s only now (Dec. 2018) that I am writing the final chapter of my success story.

Dr. Limbird recently retired. He literally saved my life. My hips now are basically so wonderful that I am totally freed of any pain. It is as if I never had a hip issue. I will follow up with University Orthopedics annually. I have actually had closure on one of the most challenging and painful chapters of my life. Having gone through pain and suffering and came out on the other side, totally healed, I truly feel that I am a better person, personally and professionally. I will be retiring in June 2019 as a school counselor and the great news is that I am retiring for all the right reasons. I have quality of life back and for the longest time, I feared the worst. I live each day with gratitude and the only regret is that I should have written my success story sooner.

Jason Harvey and Dr. Michael Nula are indeed heroes. Their staff is the best and Elite Physical Therapy gave me the empowerment to heal and embrace each day, striving to help others who are suffering with orthopedic pain. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just never thought I would get there with total freedom from pain. I am living proof that titanium hips saved my life and I have a future to enjoy with my family and grandchildren.






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