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Elite Physical Therapy is Positive, Supportive and Professional!

Posted on July 16, 2019 by

“This was my first experience with receiving Physical Therapy. It was a positive experience since the first day. The office staff at Elite Physical Therapy was consistently pleasant, accommodating and helpful. My Elite Physical Therapist was positive, supportive and professional each visit.  He consistently asked pertinent questions, helping me to become more in tune with my body. My Elite Physical Therapist answered questions in an understandable way and fine-tuned each session to my needs. I was also introduced to Dry Needling as a way to assist in my Physical Therapy needs. It was optimal and explained clearly. For me, the Dry Needling really helped to ease some of the muscle tightness. When I started at Elite Physical Therapy I was having trouble walking and now I am doing much better with all my activities. I would highly recommend Elite Physical Therapy to anyone!!” –L.G


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