Dry Needling and Aqua Therapy at Elite Physical Therapy

New science-based, safe, conservative treatment techniques called Dry Needling and Aqua Therapy have become increasingly popular treatment solutions for back and neck pain and orthopedic problems due to their efficacy and low cost. They serve as a fantastic treatment solution for pain regulation, decreased mobility, and muscle spasms resulting in healthy outcomes. Elite Physical Therapy has several Physical Therapists certified in these treatment advances at each of our locations.

Dry Needling is an intramuscular manual therapy that utilizes acupuncture needles. Your certified Elite Physical Therapist will gently apply the needles to tight muscles. This is used to help reduce pain, improve tissue mobility, and aide in restoring normal movement patterns.

Aqua Therapy provides an “unloading” of stress forces on the spine, knees, and hips due to the buoyancy of the water. This helps to improve movement, strength, and balance. Aqua Therapy is performed in warm water, which increases blood flow to the site of injury, and accelerates the healing of damaged tissue.

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