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Elite Physical Therapy celebrates Patient Experience Week by sharing this amazing success story. Thank you to this Patient for the submission and thank you to our team who go above and beyond!
 For the past year and change I have been a client of Elite Physical Therapy in Attleboro.  Tom Perham has been my personal physical therapist and has helped me through an assortment of injuries.  I attribute much of the success to the “hands on” philosophy.
Tom is a fine young man with a strong skill set.  He is personable, intelligent and very dedicated to helping me get better and not be in terrible pain.  He is also very empathetic and kind.
 Tom has worked on my right knee after I came to him barely able to walk.   When he was through I literally was pain free!  My range of motion was back!  I could walk without a cane and without limping!
Tom has worked on my right shoulder and as usual he did a fantastic job.  On 2 other occasions J.P. and Karen worked on my shoulder and they were outstanding too.
Today we were starting on my lower back.  After a short period of time Tom detected an embedded deer tick on my lower back.   I asked him to please help me and remove it.  With sterilized tweezers Tom easily removed the tick and boy what a sigh of relief.   Lyme disease is no joke and this young man may have saved my life!  Tom went above and beyond to help me and I felt someone should know how valuable he is as a dedicated employee and outright good person.
One final thought.  I suffer from a TBI.  I am pretty much recovered but still have residual issues.   Tom speaks to me in a calm even tone and always SHOWS me what to do, not just tells me.  He is very sensitive to my situation and because of all the above I recommend all my friends and family to Elite Physical Therapy, a place where “miracles happen!”- Attleboro, MA Patient


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