Elite Physical Therapists Made a Miracle Happen!

Posted on January 27, 2020 by

“It’s almost been a year from my 1st visit with my Elite Physical Therapist.  I got into a head on collision with my husband on our way to work a year ago yesterday.  Due to this I broke my humorous and had a concussion due to hitting my head on the side window.  Lots of memory loss, I’d even say months of not remembering my visits at Elite.  What I do know is I could not move my left arm at all and my Elite Physical Therapist and other staff members at Elite made a miracle happen.  Over time and hard work, pushing through the pain, frozen shoulder, ext., I have motion and I am able to pick up my daughter.  If my Elite Physical Therapist didn’t push me to do the exercises at home and PT, I don’t know what I’d be doing.  She got me back to work lifting the amount of pounds I never thought I would do again.  They even had me walk around with the biggest weights to mimic my work routine.  So much FUN!   The cupping and dry needling very much helped.  The most important thing though is having my life back.  Waking up. Being able to pick my daughter out of her crib.  Playing with her every day and being the mom I can be.  Words are indescribable I want to thank the staff at Elite Physical Therapy for everything I have overcome.”- KMC


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