What are some common Physical Therapy practices to treat Sports Injuries?

Common treatment techniques include deep tissue massage and mobilization Physical Therapy For Baseball Playerstechniques to improve muscle tissue quality and lengthening, restore normal postural alignment, and reduce inflammation. Additionally movement assessment and biomechanical enhancement to restore healthy, quality range of motion and mobility. Lastly integrating supervised, directed corrective therapeutic exercises and activities that are sports specific and restore any strength imbalances, as well as target specific muscle recruitment and control for optimal athletic performance.

 How do I find the solution that’s right for me?

When seeking a solution to treating Sports Injuries, it is important to go to a Physical Therapy place that applies ‘Best Practice Standards’. Some of those ‘Best Practice Standards’ include:

  1. Working one on one with the same Physical Therapist throughout the rehabilitation program, and who is trained in manual therapy with a sports background.
  2. An award-winning Physical Therapy place
  3. A Physical Therapy place that applies current science and evidence-based treatment techniques that are proven to work
  4. Advanced training in newer manual therapy treatment techniques such as Graston Technique, Dry Needling, and Manipulation.
  5. Positive reputation and reviews from many other people that have experienced success with their group
  6. A place where people are friendly, attentive, and easy to talk to. When in doubt, go to a Physical Therapy place that offers Free Consultations so that you can meet the Physical Therapist that you are thinking about going to for treatment, and make sure that it is a good match.

 When do I know it’s time to see a Physical Therapist for my Sports Injury?

The best time to treat a Sports Injury is right away. Studies show that receiving early Physical Therapy—less than 14 days from the onset of the painful problem—greatly increase the speed of your recovery, and saves you approximately $2400 in healthcare during the year. Additionally, studies show that putting off treating Sports Injuries increases the probability of injury getting worse ultimately and increasing the likelihood more invasive treatment solutions like surgery, longer healing and recovery time, and more money.

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