Excercises for the Pool

Posted on June 30, 2011 by

Melissa Forest our Aqua Therapy Director demonstrates three great exercises you can perform in a pool of your choice!

Noodle Twist: With one leg in front of the other extend your arms in front of you holding a foam noodle and twist your upper body side to side. Perform 10 repetitions and then switch your front leg. (noodles can be purchased at your local pool supply store).

Hamstring Stretch: Place the heel of your straight leg on the pool step and gently lean forward until you feel a comfortable stretch behind your leg. Be sure to keep your spine straight as you lean forward. Hold for a minute and repeat on the other side.

Shallow Water Walking: Walk back and forth on the shallow end of the pool at a comfortable pace for 15-20 minutes. To increase the intensity and challenge of the activity, you may use pool dumbbells in your hands (these pool dumbbells are made from dense foam that you can also purchase at your local pool supply store).


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