What are some common Physical Therapy practices to relieve Car Accident & Work Injury pain?

Following a car accident or work injury it is important to see a doctor to immediately obtain diagnostic imaging and determine a clear diagnosis. Following this examination with a doctor, it is important to receive an early referral to Physical Therapy. Studies show that receiving Physical Therapy early is the best first choice for treatment (approximately 1-2 weeks from the onset of the injury). Receiving early Physical Therapy treatment results in faster, fuller, and more cost-effeCar Accident Pagective outcomes to get you back to feeling your regular self again. Treatment from a skilled Elite Physical Therapist should include manual therapy techniques such as specialized massage techniques, and gentle mobilization, manipulation, and stretching that help you feel better. It is extremely important to quickly decrease swelling, restore range of motion movement, and reduce muscle spasms early so that these problems don’t get worse ultimately interrupting your life and costing you more time and money to fix in the long run.

How do I find the solution that’s right for me?

After your doctor examines you and provides you with a diagnosis, ask your doctor for a prescription to Physical Therapy. Numerous studies as well as The American College of Physicians strongly recommend Physical Therapy as the first step in treating painful problems like back and neck pain. Don’t be so quick to want to take medication. Medications often have harmful side effects and do not fix the problem. They only mask the painful symptoms. Seek to find the cause of your painful problem, and let an Elite Physical Therapist help you fix it.

When do I know it’s time to see a Physical Therapist for my pain?

It’s time to ask your doctor for a prescription for Physical Therapy 1 week from the onset of a painful problem. This is the one week rule: If the painful problem hasn’t resolved itself or shown signs of significant improvement independently by 1 week, it is very likely that it will not go away, and will actually get worse. “Nip it in the bud” and seek early treatment so that you avoid harmful medications, expensive testing, surgeries, and more serious problems that interrupt your work and life.

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