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In Rhode Island, we offer convenient locations in your community to serve you as you overcome your pain and maintain a better quality of life. Our team of highly trained Physical Therapists has helped thousands of people in Rhode Island through Physical Therapy — in fact, 93% of our patients say we have positively helped them on the road back to an active and pain-free lifestyle. We can help you, too!

You do have a choice for Physical Therapy — and in Rhode Island, the choice is clear. Elite Physical Therapy will get you the results you want.

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Studies show that aches and pains seldom go away on their own. In fact, they often get worse with time resulting in more time and money to fix. Get healthy now! Simply ask your doctor for a referral to us today!

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Let us work with you and your doctor to develop a Physical Therapy plan that suits your schedule, your body’s capabilities and your goals. Together, we can help you achieve a healthy, happy life that is free from pain!